We provide action-oriented, insightful guidance to marketing organizations beginning with the CMO and continuing through to product & brand management and research & insights functions. Understanding your business goals is the beginning of our commitment to you. We develop 360° knowledge using the Socratic approach, and choose a suitable methodology to deliver your objectives. More than twenty years of experience and hands-on involvement across multiple categories gives you solutions to move your business forward. All presented in a highly compelling way.


  • Front end workshops facilitate complex methodology and sampling decisions. They are also effective in engaging key stakeholders and identifying people's objectives making the end results more connected to the needs of business decision makers

  • Back end workshops facilitate interpretation and insight generation. They are effective in connecting research learning to business decisions and facilitate action planning.


  • Advance your knowledge of your customer in the quickest and most efficient way possible

  • Gain comprehensive understanding of the foundations of your customers thoughts, feelings and behaviors

  • Get in-depth and first-hand insights


  • Bring together all components of knowledge within the organization to yield deeper insights about your customers

  • Begins with a comprehensive audit of sources and in-depth discovery sessions with key people to create an exhaustive list of sources

  • Highly focused on most important business questions